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To travel the road to True Entrepreneurship, you need to:

  • master your inner resources and driving forces
  • surround yourself with great people who align with your purpose
  • lead your team effectively to achieve your goals

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your team

your team

“A truly GREAT MENTOR is HARD to find. DIFFICULT to part with and IMPOSSIBLE to FORGET.
You have been instrumental to all of us at TRES. We appreciate your mentorship and guidance.
Thank you so much.”
Venuste T. CEO

“I have been coached by Sénamé Agbossou a moment of my life where I needed a professional reorientation. His gentle and pressure-free approach helped me discover things I was resisting to consider. It was a big relief for me to start this new phase of my career with clarity and totally renewed energy. I feel stronger and more able to succeed in my projects.”
Marc V Sales Manager


Your most potent resources to achieve your goals as a True Entrepreneur are inside of you. When you neglect them, things are more complicated, and you create fewer positive effects.

I have developed a series of tools that help you be in control of your:

• Attention
• Purpose
• Focus (inner alignment)

By discovering your inner power,

  • every minute of your entrepreneurial journey will matter and bring you more fulfillment
  • you will create clarity and define the right goals and strategies
  • you can lead your company with authenticity and make the impact you want to create
Let’s explore your inner power together

“Sénamé guided us to optimize the workflows in the company and put the right people in the right places. He also coached newly promoted executives to be rapidly fully operational. This way we have been able to manage our growth in a smooth manner.”
Luc J. –  CEO

Build Your Team

Have you observed that:
• the growth of your business starts and ends with people?
• all your problems as a team leader boil down to your inability to surround yourself with the right people?
• building a performing team demands having a good understanding of human nature, practical tools, and hiring strategies.

My tools will help you avoid the following situations in your company:

  • The right person in the wrong seat
  • The wrong person in the right seat
  • The wrong person in the wrong seat

I help you get the right people in the right seat, the people who share your company values.

Let’s build that productive team together
Lead Your Team

“We have improved our efficiency and productivity. The changes introduced by Sénamé resulted in a long-lasting comfort in the working environment.”
Nicole C. –  CEO

Lead Your Team

A team is not the addition of individuals but a collective entity.
Leading your team effectively to get the results you expect while your coworkers are happy and prosperous is difficult.

I offer proven tools to help you manage your day-to-day matters to get your people productive and accountable.

As a result, you can work harmoniously with the collective intelligence of your team and hold your company together toward your goals.

Let’s build
effective structures and systems together